Altar Servers

Youth of the parish are invited to become Altar Servers. Altar Servers assist with the Mass processions and assist the priest during the Mass. It is one of the most helpful services that young people can perform in the parish and is an opportunity to learn more about the church and our worship of God. If you have received First Communion and are in the 4th grade or older you are eligible to participate.

Once trained, altar servers are added to the online Altar Server Roster and will serve on a rotating basis. The online roster indicates a preferred Mass time and whether or not the server is willing to substitute at different Masses. You will receive email reminders of your mass sign ups and other important scheduling information. Altar servers are eligible to receive service hour credits for serving at Mass.


  • Carry the cross/candles/incense during the procession into Mass
  • Assist the priest by holding the books from which prayers are read
  • Assist the priest in receiving the gifts during the offertory
  • Assist in preparing the altar for Liturgy
  • Assist the priest in the ritual washing of his hands
  • Assist in clearing the altar after the Liturgy
  • Carry the cross/candles/incense during the recession out of Mass

New Altar Servers sign-ups are in the fall. To join this ministry, volunteers are required to be practicing Catholics, and 4th grade or older. Training for this ministry is includes a training session and shadowing current altar servers.

Training Video