Saint Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul

Many, many thanks to all who helped make Christmas bright for so many families in need! Through the joined efforts of so many in our school and par-ish we delivered 78 Christmas food boxes complete with every-thing to make a delicious turkey or ham dinner.

Also included in this box, were Christmas stockings for 157 children...all filled to the brim with toys, can-dy and all sorts of niffy surprises! The children, par-ents and teach-ers all teamed up to provide us with this amaz-ing addition to our Christmas food box-es. Special thanks to Pam Hudgins for co-ordinating all the school activity and our stocking stuffing saints! So many families helped us by donating gift cards to Target, Walmart and other retailers. So many families and volunteers pitched in to assemble the 78 boxes prior to the Saturday, December 27rd delivery date.

There was much to do and many hands made light work! On the deliv-ery date over 15 teams helped us in their sleighs. One volunteer said that she was so hap-py to help us deliver the she had done this very same thing as a child with her par-ents. Other teams were parish families with their young children in tow. One team was from a local business that wanted to help us. The event was again ably organized by Michele Baldasano and Rod Crotty...whom we would truly be lost without! Many thanks to ALL who made this beautiful yearly Christmas tradition possible! Many Blessings for the New Year ahead!